About me

Hi, welcome to my outlaw design hosting website.

I am a graphic and web designer who likes to travel all around the world to get inspiration and meet awesome people.

As you can imagine, webdesign is my passion and I have been doing and playing with websites for ages. Times flies by so quickly when you love what you do. People even say I was born with a mouse in my hand.

Life is like the Internet. With a click, you never know what it can lead to.

Why did I choose “Outlaw”? Simply to express a kind of non-conformist state of mind that I try to keep when creating design for my clients.

Believe me, being creative means thinking outside of the box and be ready sometimes to break some old restrictive rules that prevent all of us from finding “The idea”.

Usually, a great idea is an idea that people have never thought of because they simply follow the usual rules and don’t dare to leave their comfort zone. Mind you, it is much more reassuring…for sure.

Yet, the rebel that I am also knows that any creativity juice, energy – you name it – needs also to be guided in order to find the perfect happy medium. You get the best of both worlds.

So, I like to create original and clean coded WordPress websites that will simply make my clients happy.

If you think I am your guy, you know what to do 😉